I’m sorry that you can’t get better quality food. It really doesn’t make sense as your health would be so much better overall if you could get away from relying on so much carbohydrates, and therefore it stands to reason that your country (and mine) would be spending less for health care and everyone would benefit. In the US, there is an underlying belief that everyone should be able to “pull themselves up by their bootstraps” and overcome any obstacles, regardless of initial poverty or generational trauma, in if one fails to do so, it must be a moral failing and a sign of weakness. I call bullshit on that one. The biggest problem I see in my society is the wealth gap. Perhaps never before in my country’s history has their been more of a concentration of wealth amongst so few people. Here in the US, the ultra-wealthy have, through political lobbying, failed to represent the common people, but in fact are shills for special interests. Moreover, they have managed to obfuscate the real issues and have pitted people against each other through their political maneuverings. Right now, one of our former Presidents is facing 91 felony charges regarding his attempts to overthrow a previous election, but his followers have devolved into a cult of personality, failing to see that he has always been a liar and a grifter, and no doubt despises the very people he is currently begging money from to pay for his legal defense. It makes me sick, how deluded his followers are. Some of them are members of my own family, who I won’t even talk to now because they’ve been just too brainwashed. I don’t know about the social and political situation in Singapore, but I’ve been lead to believe that it is a wealthy, educated country, and if people are suffering, then I have to assume that a lot of the money is being overly concentrated into the hands of the few, as it is here.

So keep up the good fight, my friend. It is all you can do! Al least you will be remembered as being on the right side of History.

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Sep 25, 2023·edited Sep 25, 2023Author

Thank you so much again, Kannagi, for the mutual encouragement!

Those who deceive themselves refuse to see, that even they cannot pull up themselves strongly by the bootstraps, if a gang of bullies continues slamming them down.

Therefore, their retarded mentalities reveal them for the weakling behaviours that they tout.

From Star Wars Rogue One comes the quote, "Make ten men feel like a hundred."

In all of humanity, is the corollary: "the majority when united by cause makes even absolute autcracy insignificant".

There are more of you and I around, than all the riches and power and control around.

As long as we do not stoop to their pettiness and negativity, we prevail and triumph.

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