I have had the bad habit of "flaking" on promises I've made. Usually, at the time of the commitment, I have full intentions to do whatever I said I would do. Unfortunately, due to my health, when the time comes I'm often unable to fulfill my promise. So now, I carefully choose my words and my commitments so that I don't disappoint people.

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I understand, Kannagi.

I take the time to gather the energy needed to also fulfill fewer, deeper held promises within me.

No regrets then. 🙂

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May 28, 2023Liked by Alan Heah

"Don't wait till tomorrow, what is essential for today"

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Thank you, Andy.

But what if shops and office are closed for today, even tonight?

Then essentially don't wait, ready for tomorrow already.

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Sep 11, 2023Liked by Alan Heah

I suppose "not waiting" extends to forward planning, a skill that parenting is built upon.

Hence the contingencies planned ahead and the drills rehearsed in preparation for the worst that may come...

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Yes, Andy.

That's why my last line, which is when I realised that reality is more wondrous,

than just fantasy and sci-fi I indulged in, growing up .

The pain and also the adventure of life, what you can't plan for, what you can't avoid even though you try so hard,

makes for the most delicious spicy curry.

For example,

one does not typically plan to have all progeny to be autistic,

but wow, the amazing worlds they open up to one, through all the sufferings and joys together -

neurotypical, normal children boringly cannot provide that. 🙂

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