Hi Alan: My twitter is @kannagibearkid; I just got a Twitter account so I don't have any followers yet, but when I do I will continue to promote your work. Your writing does help people. It helps me. Your friendship helps me as well. You are going to have to help me with my Mandarin though. It's pretty bad ;) Love, Bruna

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Sep 30, 2022·edited Sep 30, 2022Author

Thank you, Misuno Bear! Again, just saw this the first time.

Please give me some time to respond to your messages here and on LinkedIn.

Do focus on building your very own Twitter presence and following, if that's where you also want to be.

I am grateful that you wish to promote my work. It means a lot to me, especially when it helps others.

I can help along the way with what I know of Mandarin and Chinese, as long as it flows with the rest of my writing.

Take good care always! 👋

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You don’t have to spend time on helping me translate. It’s kind of my ‘thing’. You just keep writing awesome stuff for me to read and share 👍❤️

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